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It's a tool that analyzes your meta tags and gives you the facility to make your own meta tags with only one click. Paste your website URL in the below and just click the arrow button it will give you the current meta tags of your website page. Don't worry you may create your own by making changes to you desire tag and hit GENERATE NEW TAGS! button. When meta tags generated just copy the HTML code and paste into your page HEAD section and you're done. Don't forget to like this tool!

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A liitle bit about the importance of Meta Tags

Well, Google and other search engine need the basic information of your webpage like its title, it's description to show other users when they search in the Google or bing. When you write the good meta tags and placed them correctly then there will be a greater chance to make a position in the search engines beside this do you want when someone shares your website link in social media sites and it shows like Obviously no, Meta tags help you to show your websites to users in a better and efficient way so the user will get an idea of your website before going into the site. I am sure that you'll be familiar with the WordPress and its plugins. The Yoast SEO Plugin has 5+ millions active installation. Why are people so obsessed with it? Why they give more preference? because the Yoast plugin gives them the facility to do the SEO right away when they write a post before publishing. What does it do? It actually forces you to write Meta Tags correctly with the correct length and the right keyword density. As a Web Developer, I made an online tool for bloggers on The Tools Bug to check their website Meta tags and regenerate it on the page without registration or anything else that takes time. Let me share you a bit about the tool. You can access the tool here Generate Meta Tags Online For SEO - Tools Bug the tool that asks you to input your web page address when you insert it, it will redirect you to a page where you'll see your meta tags in a better way. At the end of the page, you'll see the HTML Meta Tags of your site. If you want to change something you don't have to change the meta tags just change the info above according to your site and hit the button and you're all done. I suggest you keep track of your Meta tags of every page of your website. Before publishing the new post you should think about the Meta tags all of your targeted keywords should be placed there.

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