3 Proven Ways To Get Your First Order On Fiverr Quickly

3 Proven Ways To Get Your First Order On Fiverr Quickly

Fiverr is the best freelance marketplace for beginners and as well for professionals, everyday hundred and thousands of newbies registered themselves to earn a few bucks but most of them left when they don't get the order in a specific time that they expected.

So, being a Level 2 seller on Fiverr, I have some suggestions for you if you are worried about getting your first order on Fiverr. Keep in mind that, you are not alone on Fiverr, you will have thousands of competitors no matter which category do you chose and they will increase from time to time.

So, what are the ways you need to adopt to highlight yourself in a big crowd? I have read many articles before getting into the Fiverr but you know what they all were just words the real struggle is something else. When I get registered on the Fiverr a half and a year ago.

I got my first order in a few minutes. I know you won't believe but it's true and it wasn't any trick it was my luck. 

Now, let's come to the main points that you need to follow. I have wrapped them in three simple and straightforward points.

1. Keyword research

Although, Fiverr doesn't provide a keyword research tool like other companies do like Google but I have a few tricks through which you can analyze the keywords ranking.

First off, ask yourself which skills do you have and write some phrases according to your skills. For example, you can do "Photoshop Editing".

So, your phrases or keywords will be "transparent image logo, transparent logo, photo editing, photo retouching" I gave you 4 keywords just for an example you can write it as many you want.

Jot down the main keywords you just have written and logon to fiverr.com, in the search bar, type each keyword while writing into the search bar you will see some auto-suggestions from the Fiverr with bold black color that are the keywords you need to target.

Now, put each of your keywords and jot down the auto-suggestions keywords. 

Write an eye-catching description and title for your gig by targeting the keywords you just wrote. Don't copy someone else description or title, you have to write your own.

Be real, When you are creating your gig, Fiverr will ask you to add "tags" up to five then put those keywords ( from auto-suggestions ). That's it, let's move to the next point

2. Buyer Request

The most important thing is to reach out directly to clients without waiting for them.

Fiverr gives you the facility to submit your proposals on a buyer request. Move to the Buyer Request page on Fiverr and you will see a list of requests along with project description, time and budget. You are allowed to submit 10 requests per day. 

Don't worry if you see 20 or 30+ offers already submitted by the other freelancers. Don't worry if you think I am newcomers and the buyer won't read my request. Just give your 100% and see the results.

You need to keep some points in your mind while writing the proposal.

  • Read the request carefully and hit submit request only if you are 100% sure that you can do
  • Do not mention your experience or past work ( if buyer don't ask )
  • Your proposal length should be equal to buyer request length ( do not make it shorter or lengthy )
  • Be what you are. You are not a robot, you have emotions. 
  • Answer each question if the buyer asks
  • Reply to each sentence of the buyer, just think you are texting with him
  • Don't write a general proposal but direct and straightforward.
  • Leave a question at the end to get the attraction from the buyer
  • Keep sending & waiting

3. Stay Online

Fiverr algorithm prefers online sellers who keep themselves online every time or regularly.

Doesn't matter if you are not getting orders or messages, download the Fiverr mobile app and check it whenever you get time.

If a buyer contact you so you will be available at the time and reach out to him quickly in this way you won't miss your first order because if you get only 5 minutes late the buyer will not wait for you and move to the next seller.

When you get success to make a place in the market then, believe me, the buyer will wait for you and will not go anywhere else


If you are a lucky one then you don't need to follow any of them, you will get your first order sooner.

Do you believe in fate? it doesn't matter you have to give your 100%. Don't give up even if you don't get the order after spending a few months.

I know a man, who wasn't getting the order after passing approx 2 months and he gave up and uninstalled the app. After a few days, he got the notification through email about the order and now he is doing great!

Good Luck

Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit

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