9 Exclusive Keyboard Features for iPhone Users

9 Exclusive Keyboard Features for iPhone Users

iPhones are nothing less than a miracle device with enviable performance functionalities and super-smooth end-user interface. And, your iPhone is one of the standalone devices that you like to carry with yourself, even when you are attending the big days. Additionally, you might take a note down or send important messages and emails from the same iPhone. Now, typing those same phrases or lengthy statements can be boring for you.


Maybe, you are unaware of the fact that the iPhone can resolve your typing hazards with its excellent built-in attributes. However, you have been introduced to some of them, beforehand. But, we would like to present the most helpful iPhone keyboard characteristics. Therefore, you can convert your typing skills to really fast and effective, rather than being slothful or hard-working.


  • Play within the Typing Settings

Are you ready to unfold the typing mysteries on your iPhone? Before you dive into specialized tricks, experts from iPhone Repair near me would like to recommend you to personalize the settings. The iPhone might be annoying you with the predictive text, replacing the typed text with correct and nearly similar words or text suggestions. It’s time to put an end to all these tantrums.


Tap Settings on your iPhone. Under General, locate the Keyboard option. There you can observe already set preferences. If you are not satisfied with enabled or disabled auto-correction, text suggestion, auto-capitalization and such similar settings, then you can toggle the bars to make the changes. 


On the other hand, don’t forget to check out Smart Punctuation, Character Preview, etc features. Hopefully, they prove out to be helpful in your case of typing.


  • It Needs a Shake to Wipe out the Text

We presume that you have sorted the Keyboard settings, so far. iOS offers an incredible way to fix the last typing scam with a gentle shake. To elaborate, in case you have typed anything non-fitting according to the message or email, then you can erase it just by shaking the device.


And, you need not keep tapping the Delete key, until the word or phrase disappears. The fun fact is that you don’t have to activate any setting within the iPhone. This hidden capability comes with the pre-configured iOS keyboard.


  • Altering the Text Becomes Easy with 3D Touch Cursor

Suppose, you have to replace a word or a letter in the note or text message. And, this instance mostly horrifies smartphone users owing to its difficulty. Adjusting the cursor to the point where the change is required is one of the most critical tasks, in accordance with touchscreen smartphones. When you are with your iPhone 6s or later innovations, then you need not freak out.


Tap and hold the keyboard on your device. And, you can observe that you are free to move around the typing section. The keyboard has converted into a trackpad. Don’t lift your finger up, until you reach where you have to make the change. Once you release the firm grip, the keyboard returns to its original form.


  • Escape from Repetitive Phrases with Text Replacement

Nobody can deny that they have to spend time to send almost the same messages to multiple persons, at different time frames. Typing those phrases on repetition seems annoying and feels like you are hurting your fingers. The iPhone has got an unbeatable solution for you and it is the Text Replacement feature. Enable this by adding the text replacements on your device, like this-


  • Head over to Settings. Land on the Keyboard section from the General options. 
  • Look for Text Replacement and tap. 
  • To create one, press the + icon. It generally shows up at the top-right nook of the screen.
  • In the box of Phrase, type the full statement. And, mention the shortcut letters for the dedicated phrase in the Shortcut box.


After you finish, the iPhone would replace the shortcut you type with the phrase assigned for the shortcuts. Editing with these text replacements are easy, as they are placed in alphabetical order.


  • Bring up the Alternatives

Do you want to prioritize the accents of what you are typing? Typing the alternatives for a particular letter is not difficult with an iPhone. You can reveal them by tapping and holding them. Special characters are easy to fetch with this strategy. Moreover, you need not enable any different option.


However, selected keys offer such alternatives and special characters. On the other hand, fitting emojis would appear on your iPhone screen, if it finds any similarity between the typed word and the saved-in emojis. But, you have to ensure that you have enabled text suggestions for this. Additionally, you can make certain permissible changes with emoji such as- the skin tones.


  • Get Accustomed to Swipe-Texting

Have you heard of the QuickPath feature on an iPhone? It allows you to make the texts appear on the screen without the stereotype idea of continuous tapping. Tapping apparently consumes more time than swiping from one key to another.


However, availing QuickPath for the first time might appear tricky. With time, you will get habituated with it. To start with, place your finger on the first letter of the word that you are going to type. Now, gradually, move your finger to the next letter consecutively. Don’t lift up the finger until you are done. If you have messed up the word, with a single mistake, then press the Delete key. And, the entire word will vanish. If your iPhone doesn't let you use the QuickPath function, contact iPhone repair near me service.


  • Switch to One-Handed Mode

Most of the iPhone users were most comfortable with the 4.7-inch screen size. But, the advent of the plus sizes might bother you, especially when you are going to type. iOS keyboard has an invincible trick for you to combat the situation. 


Make use of the one-handed mode. This mode will shift the entire keyboard either to the right or left side of your iPhone, as per your choice. If you are currently using the keyboard, hold the icon that resembles a globe. Now, choose your left or right preference and keep typing.


  • Introduce Capital Letters and Numericals Instantly

To insert an uppercase letter or a numeric in between the text or note, you usually stop the consistent typing. And, tap the Shift key or the Numeric or 123 key. You need not rest for changing the capitalization or punctuation. A swipe in the proper way would handle the typing stress for you.


In case you want to bring a capital letter, start swiping from the Shift key to that particular letter. And, the letter would turn into uppercase. Similarly, swipe from the 123 key to and land over the numeric or punctuation you want.


  • Convert your Dictation into Text

Simultaneous typing seems monotonous. Get rid of this for short messages with the Speech-to-Text function of the iOS keyboard. Press the Microphone icon and record your statement. Meanwhile, the technology would reflect the text on the screen of your iPhone.


More Adventures are Awaiting with Third-Party Keyboard Apps

In case you want to spruce up the typing experience on your iPhone, then avail customized themes with third-party apps. Such third-party keyboard apps enable you to adopt more fascinating typing features. But, don’t forget to verify them before installing.

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