4 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

4 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

It has never been easier to choose the best programming language for your coding career. You have probably read a lot of articles about choosing the best programming language but didn't get your answer, right? It is because no one can read your thoughts, perspective, and goals. Everyone has their point of view, you have your own. People only suggest the right path that is what I am doing here. 

Before getting started, I just want to share my personal experience with you that don't start your coding career with newly created programming languages or frameworks because it doesn't let you understand, they do everything readymade and you are not going to learn anything. There are three main categories of programming fields that you should keep in your mind before choosing a path.

1. Web Development

 Web development is what you see on the laptops, computers or when you visit a website using your mobile browser. It has no concerns with the app you install on your mobile or install software on your computer. When you visit a website using a browser, the technology is being used by that website is a Web Development.

2. App Development

 It is further divided into three main categories iOS (iPhone), Android and Windows. If you have an Android phone then you will be using many apps like facebook, chrome, WhatsApp app and so on, similarly, for iPhone users like they use iTunes, Spotify, facebook app, so technology behind these apps is App Development whether iOS App Development or Android App Development doesn't matter the parent category will be App Development.

3. Software Development

 Apart from tiny devices, let's talk about computers and laptops. No matter which Operating system are you using whether Macintosh, Windows or Linux you use plenty of software in your daily work life like MS Office, Photoshop, Skype, TeamViewer, VLC and so on. So, Software Development is only concern with the software that you use on your computer or laptop. Yes macOS and windows have different programming languages to build their software but again the main category is same which is Software Development


The above are the three major fields which cover almost all languages that are popular and widely used nowadays. First ask yourself, which one is your most desire field that you are willing to go with. You can only pick one field for now, as you long as you go with coding you will be able to write code in any language for any operating system that you want to do. Let's get started

Everyone has their own perspective about naming programming language best some of them claim the best programming language based on popularity, salary, etc. I characterized based on simplicity,popularity, and scope so you can start your journey easily. I came up with 4 best programming language. Here are these

1. Python

Python is a widely-used programming language worldwide. It's the best language for a beginner to start its coding journey because of the easy and more readable syntax. I suggest everyone Python as their first language to learn. It is used to develop software so it belongs to Software Development but not only software by making use of some popular web-based python frameworks you can develop a web site too. There is a number of uses of python, like Data Science, Machine Learning. 

It can easily handle a large scale and complex projects. The big user of python is Youtube. Yes, youtube uses python for video, handling templates for website, administer video and many more. 

According to Stackoverflow 2019's Survey, 41.7% of developers use python in their projects.


2. PHP

PHP is a server-based programming language and you can't use it in multiple development fields. It is only responsible for handling websites. A very ideal language for web developers. If you have select Web Development as your coding career then you can't ignore PHP. 

A very popular CMS ( Content Management System ) is WordPress and you know what it is built using PHP. Almost 172 million websites use WordPress. You can dive into the earning process right after the learning if you choose PHP because there is a lot of work in PHP.

According to Stackoverflow 2019's Survey, 26.4% of developers use PHP as their primary language.


3. JavaScript

Javascript is much popular than any programming language even python, but you can't choose the only JavaScript for your project or career. A few other programming languages are needed with JavaScript to make a complete project. JavaScript is used in Web Development to make the websites more interactive. JavaScript has a very bright future because of its popular frameworks and libraries. As a beginner, you should only learn Javascript and if you find it easy and take more interest then this is great because you can easily pick one of the most used frameworks of javascript which is Node.js. As a freelancer, I can say that the Node.js is a king of frameworks and hundred and thousands of projects are being developed using Node.JS. We can't ignore React.js, Angular.js,Vue.js and redux. These are the most popular libraries and frameworks nowadays. If you have decided to choose javascript then congratulations you are doing great.

According to Stackoverflow 2019's Survey, 67.8% of developers use Javascript.


4. Java

Java programming language can be used in software development for Windows, build websites and android app development too. I don't recommend java as beginner language because of their syntax, built-in modules, classes. You will not learn much if you pick Java as your first language. Let me explain if you wanted to start android app development with java using Android Studio and you create a new project. You will see several lines of code that are written by the android studio itself and you will not understand it if you are a beginner. So, choose a language that doesn't do anything for you and force you to write code yourself. In this way, you will learn. If the solution of the problem is already there then you won't figure out the problem and its solution, I hope it makes sense to you. But if you have spent almost a year in other languages like PHP, Python, Javascript then you will be able to understand any language whether it is C#, Java, Swift or any other.

According to Stackoverflow 2019's Survey, 41.1% of developers use Java in their projects.



You shouldn't pick a programming language that is very hard to understand like Swift, Java, C#. Choose a language that allows you to write your code from zero. Don't start a framework or libraries right after you learn a language, learn a language and build some real-world projects. When you spent a lot of time and created a few real-world projects then move on. Don't stick with one language or one field. Look around, what developers are doing, what clients are asking. Keep yourself up-to-date with technologies.

Happy coding!

Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit

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