Easy To Remember
Password Generator

Easy to remember password generator tool allows you to generate a password that is familiar and easy to remember password in other words pronounceable password generator. You will find dozens of other online tools that give you the service of password generator but most of them generate a strong password that strong password consists of special characters, numbers, characters, etc and they are impossible to remember. You will get a strong password there but it won't be easy to remember. You can either copy that password and use for one time but if you want to use that password again from a different device, then what will you do? Of course, you need a tool that generates a password that is easy to remember and can't be forgettable.

So, I created a tool that uses most usable English words to generate a random and strong password. For sure, it will strong password because it will include special characters and numbers as well but again it will be too easy to remember. What do you think about this password "#toolsbug_123# easy to remember or not? Of course yes and you know what? It is a strong password as well.
There are other online extensions that give you the service of generating a strong password that you may use on other devices as well but you will need to create an account and if you need to get that password you will obviously need to log in again. That's weird
The browsers like Chrome or Safari, show you a popup for generating strong password whenever you are going to create an account on a website. If you hit that popup it will automatically generate, write and save the password but if you want to use that password on different browser like Firefox then what will you do?
By using this "easy to remember password generator" online tool you can either enter your name or some specific word and that word will be included in the generated password. You may either enter the length of password yourself and by default, I set the length to eight characters. 

Pronounceable Password Generator

I have about 15000 collections of English words that are pronounceable like hello, there, careful, etc. This tool picks a random word from the English dictionary and generates a password based on the conditions you provided. If you enter your own word or name that it will ignore the dictionary word and prefer your own name that you entered.