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Are you looking for a downloader that can download Instagram Photos? Do you want to download Instagram Photos or entire Instagram profile super-fast? Are you fed-up and feel exhausted whenever you wish to download any image/photo from Instagram? Then don’t worry, the solution to your problems has arrived, and yes, it is none other than Instagram Photo Downloader.

Instagram photo downloader is an online downloading tool that will enable you to download your favorite photos and images from Instagram of your favorite Instagram celebrity or profile directly by just pasting the URL of that specific Instagram profile url or Instagram post url and let the tool to complete its process of downloading Instagram profile or post photo.

To download photos from the Instagram downloader, all you need is an active internet connection and an Instagram Profile URL OR Instagram Post URL

Why Instagram Photo Downloader?

Instagram is a social networking app that connects you to all over the world. Almost all the brands, along with celebs, have their official accounts on Instagram, where you remain updated with the new trends and the hot gossips about what is going on across the globe. 

But Instagram does not come with a download option. And there are many tools and software that you can use to download photos from Instagram, so why should you select an Instagram photo downloader to download an image? 

The answer is that it is an online tool that provides you the easiest way to download a photo from Instagram and most of the other tools just download a photo from Instagram, not a complete profile so in this tool you don’t need to copy each photo url and then paste it here. All you have to copy the URL of the respected Instagram profile and paste it in the Instagram downloader and your download will automatically start.

So, in a nutshell, it is your go-to tool whenever you want to download anything from Instagram. It downloads your files in zip format so that your downloading remains secured and convenient because your convenience is our priority.

Features provided in Instagram Photo Downloader

1. Download Photos

     You can download any image from Instagram using the Instagram image Downloader. Which means access to downloading on all the posts on Instagram. 2. Download images in All sizes

    The download is available in all sizes. It enables you to download the Instagram file in any format of your choice.

2. Formats available 

  • HD
  • High Quality
  • Low Quality

3. Profile images download

     If you want to download a profile image and you don’t know how to download it from Instagram. Then Instagram downloader is for you as it facilitates you to download any profile image from Instagram.

4. Zip download

     It gives the facility of zip download. You can download multiple files in the zip format by clicking on the download button. Zip format compressed your data and made them smaller and convenient to use. 

5. Complete Instagram profile download

     You can download any Instagram profile by using Instagram Downloader. It means you can download a full profile, including photos and images.

6.  Instagram Private accounts dp download

   Some Instagram users have private accounts and they allow only their followers to view their images and videos, in that case, this Instagram photo downloader will download their dp in all sizes because the dp of every Instagram user is public to everyone.

How does it work?

i. Copy the URL of the profile.

ii. Paste it into Instagram Downloader.

iii. Click on the download button.

iv. And you are done.

Pinterest Images Downloader

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