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Email Scraper is a free online tool developed to scrape emails from any websites along with the URL. This online tool can be useful to get the target list of email addresses.

To start the email scraping process just enter your targeted website URL into the text bar and click the arrow “->“ button.

How does Email Scraper work?

 My email scraper online tool works just as well as using Internet search engines but is faster, saving you from searching websites for emails.

After you enter targeted website url, my tool uses a script to scan all web pages of your targeted website, remember it only scan the internal links of the website.

Then it continues to collect all email addresses from the webpages where it founds and saves them to an excel file.

Are you worried to scrape email addresses from web pages, and don’t have time to scrape them manually or don’t want to spend money?

This tool has a powerful multi-threaded email scraper that can grab email addresses from webpages.

As it is an initial release, it doesn’t support proxy but I will work on this and bring this feature in the next update.

The Email Scraper also works with https URL’s so it can work with sites like FaceBook and Twitter that require a secure connection but only if they allow this crawler. because sometimes, they block crawlers to crawl their webpages.

This tool also has the feature to save the URL along with the scraped email address. It’s important to know where these emails came from.

What this email scraper does is allows you to just enter a domain name and will do itself the rest of the work.

It will then fetch all internal links on the site homepage, then crawl each of those pages extracting all the emails and grabbing the internal links from those pages and so on.

This allows you to drill down exacting emails from a targeted website.

Main Features

Following are the main features of email scraper:

  • The ability to work with almost every website as long as they allow the crawler to crawl their website.
  • There is no limit for scanning web pages but all the pages need inside the main url you entered
  • It ca work in multi-threaded mode, so it runs significantly fast and collects numbers of email addresses than similar online tools during the same time interval.
  • It’s totally free, you can scan websites as much as you want
  • There is no need for a signup, login or downloading any software
  • Free support available for all tools
  • Unlike other email scraping software or tool, this email scraper needs no additional applications or permissions. This feature is quite an important one for these kinds of email scrapers.
  • While collecting email addresses, it will never ask you for anything but keeps scrapping email addresses. When it finishes scraping email address. A file link will be generated and you can then click to download csv file. That file will contain emails, keywords and url