Microphone Test - Online Mic Test

This Microphone Test online service gives you the service to check if your microphone is working or not. If you have any issue with your microphone and want to test it but without installing software then you are at the right place. This service doesn’t require any installation or a list of steps.
Start your mic test now!
1. Click the “Test” button
2. Your browser will ask you to allow. Click “allow
3. Try to speak something and you will see the moving black box effect just right below
4. If you’re having an issue then read the “Trouble-Shooting Guide” 

Trouble-Shooting Guide

If you don't see a black box moving after allowing access to the mic, try these steps:

  1. In some cases, the microphone doesn’t detect the low volume or pitch. Try to speak loudly to check clearly
  2. If the problem doesn’t solve, try to reload the page again
  3. If still nothing works, please make sure that your microphone is connected and there is no hardware issue with your microphone

Why doesn't my microphone work?

The Microphone isn't connected

maybe your mic isn't connected properly

The microphone cable is interrupted

if you are using an external microphone, then there is a chance that cable is damaged

The Microphone is disabled in Device Manager

This is due to your Operating System settings, or the drivers aren't installed correctly

Access is disabled in the browser

You didn't allow the browser to use your microphone.

What is the advantage of this site in a test microphone? 

If you are having issues with Skype, with account something or with utilizing conflict -  the assembled in microphone test facilities provided by a large portion of those administrations are far from perfect. â€¨â€¨Applications like Skype are structured to communicate and they do their center occupations well, be that as it may when they don't work troubleshooting them can be a bad dream. 

At MicrophoneTest I give you the most straightforward and compelling approach to rapidly test your mic so you can promptly preclude mic association issues. It doesn’t require too much time or actions The issue with test the microphone with software  The issue with doing a microphone test on a bit of software which does not appear to react the mic is, as you are as of now having issues, you cannot make certain if the issue is software or microphone related.  The benefit of the test through microphone through browser online By utilizing the free service here your microphone will directly communicate to the browser  So what do I do if my mic still isn't working in some program?  if you found that your microphone is working here and doesn’t work on any 3rd party site or software then I suggest you contact them online by submitting a support ticket